Tips for a Successful Sweet 16/Quinceñera

Photographing a 15 or 16 year old girl is one of the easiest things to do. If they are going ahead with a party and hiring me to shoot…they are ready for posing, spinning, gliding and just plain ‘ole Diva-ing it up!

One thing that I’ve been doing since I started, is a modeling session with the young lady. What teenager doesn’t want to feel like a model for a day. And really in this case it will be two. I have them do a few changes of clothing, and then a few more formal shots with the gown. Usually there are a few things you can do with these images.

  1. Save the Date cards..yeah not only for weddings! If you are having your party in the summer months, a save the date is essential. You want to make sure no one is away on vacation during your party!
  2. Guestbook- what’s better than having your images rock your guestbook. Way to customize! You can definitely customize the guestbook to play up your theme with the images of the modeling session and have it be as unique as you are.
  3. Use Instagram! #MyRockinSweet16, #WinterWonderland16, #Mayra’sDahBomb16…ok, I know..but you get the Instagram can let your guests follow you through the Sweet 16 journey. The images from the modeling session can keep the excitement and momentum going for a fantastic party!
  4. Have a huge family portrait taken at the modeling session…need I say more.
  5. Display a portrait from the session at the reception. Many of you have seen this for weddings and it works just as well for Quinceñeras and Sweet 16’s as well.

These are just a few tips and ideas..I’m full of them!

Having someone to take pictures professionally will make your event feel loftier and help take some pressure off you to commemorate this event properly. Remember, pro photographers have been doing this for a while and can add much needed advice and insight as to what to do..and what doesn’t really work out very well. So decide whether you are going to hire a professional, if they have shot Sweet Sixteen Parties before, what kind of style they shoot (traditional, photojournalistic, artistic, etc.), and what kind of packages they offer.  Having party professionals who work well together makes sure that your party will go as smooth as possible (i.e. Dj’s, photographers ,videographers..etc)

Let me know if you want to pick my brain, or want to run something by me ..I’ll give you my honest opinion whether I’m hired by you or not. Have fun planning!


Our Annual Wine & Cheese

We’ve been hosting a Wine N Cheese for about 18 years now…and it’s always sooo much fun. Now it’s even better since having DJ’s Unlimited and a few other vendors such as the Pink Room and Wedding Planner Janice D’Avila on board and sharing their tips and tricks for a stress free and easy going memorable wedding!

I often give planning and organizational lessons to small groups of Brides at different Venues to help their day go smoothly…they get tips from an experienced photographer…from both points of view as a woman in this industry and as a photographer.

Pass by, eat some food..get out of the cold..see some of our new stuff and get some tips!

We hope you can pass by..see you soon!web copy.jpg

Molina Photography. 1000A Stuyvesant Ave. Union. NJ     908.810.7605

The Fairies are Coming!!

Our annual fine art study of an enchanted land with FAIRIES!

Every year for about 20 years we’ve had fairies of all shapes and sizes. The images that are printed from the session are all hand worked, edited fine art pieces. These are not the usual photographic print. These images are digitally painted, edited, and printed on canvas or textured watercolor paper.

The Fairies will be invited to over run the studio this month 2/19 & 2/20. We have limited time slots available so call the studio and grab your hour…you’ll be so happy you did!Fairy Sabella_Painting


Layla’s 1st Birthday Sneak Peek

Layla has been photographed by me since she was in the womb…I married her parents , and I have to say its a real honor to have been in their family long enough to see them as they were planning for the wedding, enjoying their wedding, pregnancy, birth, purchase of a house, and the first year of Layla’s life!  Congratulations to Julia and Tony..and Happy Birthday to Layla !

Layla's One years old photo session
This is the photography studio session for Layla’s 1 year old photo shoot.


Love, Fairies and… Wine?

We have a few things going on in Feb..a short and sweet Valentine’s Day mini session-for couples, families and babies. Our FAIRIES are back, we also have our Wine and Cheese / Open House for prospective Brides and anyone wanting to meet us, look over packages and enjoy some music and food!
We hope to see you soon!ad.jpg

Winter Day Blues

I love winter and I love snow…but some days are dreary, it gets dark fast.. not to mention it gets wicked cold at night. I’m dreaming of warm gentle breezes and beautiful blue skies.

Which kinda reminds me of this particular wedding at The Park Savoy, my Bride had a bunch of white balloons (because she couldn’t release chinese lanterns a’la Tangled) and released them right after her second ceremony at the venue.

Ahh, so looking forward to spring!0904CaraZ65A2923-Edit

The Bridal Show this Weekend

This was a fun, exhausting and exciting weekend all at once. It all started on Friday with Tara and Jon’s wedding (pics to follow), then the big bridal show at the meadowlands that lasted all weekend. Lot’s of  fellow photographers, and all sorts of vendors. Music and food all over.  Megan has turned out to be one hell of a good salesperson. I’m gonna miss her when she goes off to college.

It’s amazing how many people you meet throughout the course of one’s lifetime. I had people coming up to me that recognized me from weddings I had done at least 10 years ago. How cool is that!  I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again, I am truly blessed.

I love what I do!

Bridal Show @ the Meadow lands in Secaucus
Bridal Show @ the Meadow lands in Secaucus

IMG_2027 IMG_2028 IMG_2029 IMG_2030 IMG_2031

NJ Bridal Expo 1/10 & 1/11

Molina@ExpoIt’s  been a while since we’ve done one of these, so I’m super excited. We will be there from 11-5 on both days. Stop by and say hi!

I’m raffling a FIT BIT , so stop by our booth and enter the drawing. We have lots of little goodies including a show special that will save you money if you book us during the show.

Come meet the family, we’re looking forward to meeting you!